On Saturday November 21st we attended the dedication and Consecration of the new tower bells at Church of the Ascension in Rochester. The Episcopal Bishop Prince G. Singh presided with several others of the clergy.  The ten new bells weighing 6,185 pounds were installed in the bell tower built in 1929.  Sixteen change ringers attended from all over the US and Canada as well as the CEO of the London foundry Allan Hughes.  Our firm was hired to design a very complicated project to support the bells,  an intricate ceiling system for the peal band of ringer’s chamber as well as an acoustic isolator above the bells to isolate the sound from the neighborhood when practicing.  Architect Randall Peacock worked with Bill Farmer of Catenary Construction to construct this complex project.  They were assisted by two wardens of the church; Dyson Gay and Don Taylor who had an immense time investment.


The major donors of the bells and construction project were Christian and Helen Haller who also had a tremendous commitment of their time.  Helen related the names of the ten bells and their inscriptions during the liturgy.  The Hallers have performed with ringers throughout the world.  We believe this to be only the 58th set of change bells in the US and Canada. It was amazing to hear the beauty of what had been in the making for several years and we are proud to have been part of the team.  This picture is of Dan Mossien at the base of the tower listening to the sound of the bells resonating from the bell tower structure.  You may hear the bells between 10 and 11:15 Sundays at 2 Riverside Street at Lake Avenue.