Spreading sustainability education

Local architect, Daniel E Mossien, RA, NCARB, founder and president of Mossien Associates Architects, P.C., is doing his part in educating students at Lyons Middle/High school in sustainability beyond the classroom.

Lyons Central Middle/High School recently unveiled its newly refurbished classroom, the Sustainable Living Laboratory, designed to educate students in sustainable practices through different building methods and techniques.

Sustainable architectureThe Sustainable Living Lab will be utilized by the Lyons middle and high school students enrolled in earth science classes and the technology program. Rochester-based firm, Mossien Associates Architects, P.C.was retained by the Lyons School District to design and implement their laboratory, making it the first in the district. Mossien is licensed to practice in the state of Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia has been recognized by the industry authorities for creating and delivering award-winning architectural drawing.

What they’re saying  

“The Sustainable Living Laboratory was designed to expose students to a classroom environment where the effects of green building practices can be felt, monitored and experience beyond what can be read in the textbook,” said Rick Amundson, Lyons Central School District superintendent. “Our laboratory was designed to educate students to engage in sustainable practices outside of the classroom – going beyond being “green” – and challenging them to live by the working ethos of sustainability. The skills students will learn to extend beyond just learning sustainable farming, building and forestry principles.”

Watch a video about Lyons Schools Sustainable Living Laboratory