The relocation of the Chapel to the new Bausch & Lomb Commons provides campus ministry with the opportunity to establish a flexible worship space that encourages participation and invites contemplation.

The small but intimate space serves its environment. A baptismal font crafted of granite facilities the immersion of an infant while the vertical movement of water adds tranquility. Organic forms surround the assembly space and embrace the participants while providing relief and privacy at this active campus location. The stained glass panels, reframed from the original chapel, offer a visual link to the past while allowing a single panel to be interchanged on a seasonal basis.

The Eucharist Reservation area, designated for quiet, intimate prayer, is separated from the assembly area. The adjacent Sacristy provides necessary space for worship preparations.

The subtle interior finishes celebrate and contrast with the colorful stained glass. Textural fabrics and cherry veneer are backdrops for the celebration and act of worship. Natural and halogen-based lighting enhance the forms and materials in the chapel.