Since working with Chris Consultants, as associate architect, to complete Oak Hill Country Club’s major renovation in the spring of 1997, Mossien Associates has been retained by the club to continue developing improvements to the club. In large part due to our demonstrated excellence in design during the original project, we have designed numerous renovations to the club, from modifications to the Men’s Grille Room, to decorative gates to screen the loading dock.

These projects fall into two basic categories: system upgrades and operational/aesthetic improvements. They are currently in various stages of conception, programming, budgeting and completion, depending on the project.

We firmly believe that the smooth, responsive functioning of basic mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems is a cornerstone to a happy membership; we take the system upgrade projects very seriously. These projects include new west course toilets, a new sports complex kitchen as an upgrade to the existing pool snack bar, and a new walkway surface and roof repair over the bowling alley.

In addition, projects such as the new side entrance, allow us to exercise our unique design skills to add continued aesthetic value to the existing clubhouse. Our new design for the Men’s Grille Room will set a new standard for competing clubs. All in all, our relationship with Oak Hill Country Club has been a shared success for both our firm and for the club’s members.