In 2000 Net Set Go had a problem. They were growing by leaps and bounds and needed to expand quickly. Their small, four thousand square foot space in the upscale Meridian Centre complex was no longer large enough to accommodate the company’s growth needs. NetSetGo was looking for a new place that could accommodate their current growth as well as anticipated future growth. Assisting them in their search, we found a new speculative building under construction.

Within a matter of months, we had adjusted the speculative design to meet the standards of our client, and completed the design and construction of the building’s interior to house all of the current employees. In anticipation of even more future growth, we worked with the developer of the office park regarding lease options for NetSetGo to expand into the next building to be constructed within this park.

Working closely with the developer, we improved the infrastructure and redesigned the lobby space of the speculative building to suit our client’s image. Our interior design reflects the owner’s innovative attitude towards hierarchy. All employees have open workstations and access to a variety of public, semi-public and totally private spaces to accomplish the full spectrum of their work requirements. The design fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and open communication. The selection of finishes and systems furniture incorporates all the high tech requirements demanded in the world of software, hardware and web ware, while introducing a playful use of color and texture to stir up the creative thoughts of the engineers.