The completion of Meridian Centre 300 and 400 marks the culmination of an eight-year project that has been an all-around success for all members of the project team. The final two buildings were designed to terminate the vista created by the main boulevard of the office park. They are oriented around a central turn around marked with a wonderful statue that adds an artistic level to the whole site and organizes all four buildings into a harmonious ensemble.

The two final buildings share most of the exterior detailing of the previous two with subtle changes, including a slight shift in brick color. The brick design has been so successful that the brick manufacturer chose this project to include in their product catalog. Significantly different in footprint, the final two buildings include a series of overhangs that protect and welcome the visitor at the entrance where they are lead into a three story octagonal atrium.

On the interior, the owner requested we update the style of the interiors, while maintaining a connection to the previous two. For these two building we chose to use maple instead of cherry as well as a higher contrast in the granite colors. This lightened the space and made it slightly more dynamic than the previous two. We also met the challenge of changing codes in railing systems by eliminating the use of multiple bars and designing a custom glass, maple and brass railing that adds a dramatic touch to the atrium space.