1992 Bond Issue Project

Working closely with the LeRoy Central School District and public interest groups, Daniel Mossien developed a reconstruction program for the District’s High School, Gym/Auditorium, Middle School and Elementary School facilities. This in depth architectural and engineering facilities study thoroughly analyzed all building components and their capacities to adequately serve twenty years into the future.

With the passage of an $8.75 million bond issue, we proceeded with final design and preparation of construction documents for the following project elements: Extensive interior and mechanical renovation; parking lot improvements; 180,000 square feet of roof replacement; and construction of two new vestibules at the campus main entrances. The design of the new vestibules addressed the historic character of these turn of the century buildings and made all building levels accessible to the handicapped through the addition of elevators.

1998 Bond Issue Project

As part of ongoing facilities improvements at the Le Roy school campus, Mossien Associates worked with the Le Roy CSD to pass the 1998 Bond Issue. This project covered improvements to the athletic fields, including new paving, lighting, new bleachers and a new competition soccer field. Unlike previous projects for the le Roy CSD, this bond issue involved no tax increase for the residents and passed with virtually no fanfare and no difficulty.

This project included sensitive grading and drainage work for the new soccer field. Although most of the project was completed last year, we are continuing to work with the contractor to complete work on the soccer field up to the standards of the project specifications. Initially, the work was found to be substandard. It is our commitment to the quality of the documents as well as the quality of the final project that creates a strong bond of trust with our school clients.