The major component of the Le Roy CSD 2000 Bond Issue is the new High School. Mossien Associates has worked extensively with the school community as well as the extended community to design a new facility tailored to the district’s needs and budget.

We also see this project as a prime example of our ability to stick to the plan, stick to the budget, and deliver without losing the very design benefits that caused the voters to embrace the project from the beginning. The overall design of the project stresses clear, strong themes, from circulation to finishes. Once this strong design parti, or superstructure, was developed, each major component was then designed to be a separate three-dimensional event within it. As a result, the entry communal space, auditorium, gymnasiums, cafeteria, etc. become special places within the building that contains them.

Le Roy enjoyed a reputation of not passing bonds up until Mossien Associates started working with them. The problem was not with the voters. Previous to our involvement, the voters were simply not convinced that they were getting value for their hard earned dollar. As part of the project team, we worked tirelessly to inform and prepare the voters for the bond vote. We used our skill and expertise to design a project that stood up to the closest scrutiny. It was beautiful and it was practical. It was no more than they needed and it was no less than they needed. It presented a vision of the future of education in Le Roy that was embraced by everyone involved.