Located in Bergen, New York, K2 Industries is an important local manufacturing concern that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Mossien Associates in association with Randall F. Peacock, AIA completed the design for K2 Industries’ new 44,000 SF manufacturing plant. The new complex includes production facilities, shipping and transport accommodations as well as an office wing.

The design of the building was developed to complement the company’s operational protocols. It includes large bays with high vertical clearances for access to, and reconfiguring of, equipment. There are smaller processing bays where mostly small wares are inspected and processed for transport. These areas are housed in a steel framed, utilitarian structure that forms the backdrop to the office wing. The office wing functions as a “front door”, greeting visitors as well as employees. Visitors enter through a granite colonnade that in turn leads to the inner lobby topped by a large skylight.

Sleek metal panels and ribbon windows on the exterior complement the granite columns. Overall, it presents an image of precision and efficiency.