Williams Hall

Williams Hall is located on the southwest corner of the newly defined quadrangle at Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York. The 1960’s three-story pre-cast concrete, aggregate panel clad building was extensively renovated and expanded to house the College’s Math, Computer Science, and Psychology Departments.

The 75,000 square foot building façade combines brick, pre-cast concrete cornice detailing, glass block and energy efficient windows to complement the surrounding buildings. Integrating building materials and features leant continuity to the building exterior, as well as the surrounding site.

Working closely with the faculty, programming and requirements were identified and incorporated into the design. The dramatic two-story glazed atrium, created by removing the east “office wing” second floor, now serves as the main entrance to the building and functions as a gathering place for students. All public spaces emphasize interaction between students. Seating alcoves, custom display units, fabric-covered tack-boards and open lounge areas with durable, yet comfortable seating are prevalent throughout.

The curvilinear lecture hall, with its exposed brick walls on the interior and combination of gypsum and birch wall panel system on the exterior, is surrounded by the newly designed metal and birch railing of the mezzanine. The intermingling of materials creates an exciting, open backdrop to the total design. The rich color scheme of warm greens, plum and rust, further enhances the many custom designed floors, ceiling soffits and etched glass transoms and sidelights.