Reynolds II, L.P., owner of the First Federal Plaza Building, a 21 story Class A office space in Rochester approached Mossien Associates in the fall of 2000 to design a state of the art conference center that they could offer their tenants to use as incentive.

The conference center, which resides on the first floor of the building, consists of a reception area, building managers office, a large training room, two conference rooms, a catering kitchen and men and women’s restrooms.

The high tech conference center features medium cherry wood finishes, graphic navy blue carpets throughout, custom built-in reception station and faux finish wall coverings and cutting edge furniture which is conducive to video conferencing and telecommunications.

Challenges that Mossien faced were existing low ceilings in the reception area and a long corridor between conference rooms. Lighting played a key role in the reception area with recessed can fixtures and decorative, yet functional MR 16 accent lighting. The corridors were treated as a gallery space with the use of a cur valence MR 16 track system, which highlights a sesquicentennial series of Rochester prints by a local artist.

The perimeter of the conference center is made up of an existing floor to ceiling glass wall. Mossien designed signage that would be applied to the glass to create the illusion of etched glass, but have long-term flexibility and allow the interior to be highly visible from the main lobby.