Design Services

Pre Design

This is one of the most important components of a successful project.  We listen to your needs, analyze and research the components such as square footage, room adjacencies, existing conditions, and hierarchies; and then produce a written program document.  Kind of like a psychiatrist saying “this is what I heard you say,” but written for you to read and review to make sure we understood everything or maybe alert you to things that you would never have thought about.

This written document is basically the foundation to launching the design phase of the project.

Schematic Design

This is the next phase which takes the narrative we established in Pre-design and transforms in into a graphic format.  There is a great deal of communication between us and the client during this phase.  We illustrate through drawings and renderings the scale and relationships of the project components.  It helps the client to better understand visually what their project could look like.  It is also a way for to see the reality of what will be involved.  The client may need a certain square footage of offices but they did not take into account circulation space, toilet rooms, mechanical space, and all the other essential areas.  We may also start municipal approvals at this point, which is an area that we excel.  At this point we can also provide the client with a preliminary construction cost and schedule.  If the client approves this level then we proceed to Design Development.

Design Development

At this level we take the approved Schematic Design drawings and fine tune them.  Where Schematic Design was mostly two dimensional, DD is now exploring the design in three dimensions.  Floor plans and elevations are explored further and pinned down and we start mocking up wall and building sections, site placement and design, finishes, equipment, code reviews etc.

At this point we will bring on our consultants as needed to design the structure, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.  We also start putting together a project manual and specifications which essentially becomes the verbiage on how the building should be put together. We are still communicating with the client but on an as needed basis.  We again revaluate the construction costs and schedule for the client’s review.  If approved we move on to Construction Documents.