Corporate Headquarters

When one of Rochester’s largest construction companies, Christa Construction, Inc., needed a new home at breakneck speed they called on Mossien Associates to work in partnership with them. As a team, we designed a new 15,000 SF headquarters in a phenomenal 5 weeks and built it in only 7-1/2 weeks. Because of our proactive approach to design, we were able to listen to Christa’s needs and goals and quickly formulate a plan of action. Once committed, we worked hand-in-hand with Christa to implement the plan. The result is a new, attractive home in record-breaking time.

The basic design included a requirement for clear spans of 100 feet. We were also required to work with the Varco-Pruden metal building system distributed by Christa Construction. However, their goal was to create a metal building that did not present the image of a metal building. Using the metal building’s superstructure, we developed a masonry shell with ribbon windows that presented the corporate image desired. The masonry shell was simply, yet efficiently detailed to accommodate the deflection and movement of the metal building, minimizing added costs to the project.