Corporate Headquarters 2001

Having recently completed Christa Constructions new headquarters building in 1999, we were pleasantly surprised to find them asking us to do it again in 2001. As it turns out, they found a tenant who wanted to move into their new building. Once again, they agreed to lease their current building and build a new one for themselves – in record time of course. The clincher was that they were also going to put an addition on the current building as part f the new tenant’s lease. Luckily, when we designed it, we had accommodated a potential expansion both in the design and in the municipal approvals.

So we were ready to go immediately on the design of the addition. At the same time, we worked with the company to quickly determine where they could move to in a hurry. In the end Christa decided to convert an old, single story warehouse they had into a two story corporate headquarters building. We jump started the design, working closely with our structural engineer to determine what how the existing masonry shell of the warehouse could be reused.

After a tremendous amount of hands-on designing combined with incredible building and scheduling skills on the part of the owner, we created a new office building in the span of three months. We designed it to meet the space needs and aesthetic preferences of the owner, and also to be compatible with the family of buildings in the corporate park. The finishing touch was a new pole barn storage building in a nearby site, so that ultimately, no services were lost.