Bill Leitch, a chief architect of Mossien Associates Architects, P.C. shared an amusing story.

Bill was playing golf with some friends recently. They were coming to the second hole of a par 3, with lakes all along one side of the course.

About two-thirds of the way down the course, there was a man fishing on one of the lake banks. As his golf partner was teeing up, Bill joked:  “It looks like you have a target to shoot for”. Bill’s partner took a heroic swing, and promptly drove a line drive shot right at the fisherman. Panicked now, they both yelled “FORE!” in time for the fisherman to duck away, with the ball missing his head by about two feet.

The guilty golfers immediately drove down the course to apologize to the fisherman, arriving to find him non-chalantly back at his angling. As they approached him to proffer their apology, he said “Hi, I’m Paul Azinger” (World-class professional golfer, PGA champion, television golf analyst, and cancer survivor), and that’s the closest I have ever been to getting hit by a golf ball!Mister Azinger was not only gracious and forgiving, but generously posed for a photo, and signed Bill’s visor.

What were the chances?

Paul Azinger posing for a photo with the golfers

Paul Azinger posing for a photo with the golfers that almost hit him