Watch this building fall down under the heavy snow:

It seems that every severe winter Mossien Associates are called to assist with a partial building collapse, highly deflecting (sagging) beams, bulging walls or some other snow and temperature related problem.

The collapse shown in this video is of a light gauge metal building.  We have designed several of these buildings and they have a very low sloped pitch with standing seam metal roof and use prefabricated structural members.

They are very economical to erect, about in the range of $85 per square foot. But, they can be damaged or fail when stressed with a couple feet of very heavy wet snow.  The building codes require commercial architects to add certain roof live loads and wall wind loads, but remember, codes are for a minimum level of safety.

We tend to overdesign in our Western New York climate for added safety.  It may cost a little more but look at the costs added to this business!

Business interruption insurance can help but not replace lost customers and employees.

Is your building a candidate for such a collapse?

What can you do to make sure it isn’t?

We might be able to give you the answers.

Call our office 585-262-6000 let’s talk before it’s too late.