When we started working on the Canandaigua National Bank’s Webster, N.Y. branch there was a lot to consider…

Design considerations:

  • Bank design aesthetic is based on historic examples of traditional farmhouse inspired structures.
  • The Town of Webster was once a stop on the stagecoach route from Rochester to Sodus.
    • The image of the proposed bank is based on the image of an old inn and stagecoach station as well as examples of local vernacular architecture.
  • The proposed CNB is a ‘Modern bank with an old world’ feel.
    • The use of exterior materials such as Hardie lap siding and manufactured stone veneer keep the building light and modern yet simple and traditional like many of the farmhouses and inns of the past.
  • The Canandaigua National Bank image is reinforced with the classic forms and ‘Homey’ feel. Building and non-building elements such as the water-pump and lightning rod reveal stories from Webster’s historic past.

Sage Inn & Stagecoach Station – 1878 – Topeka, KS

Functional considerations:

  •  The floor plan utilizes a relatively straightforward geometry allowing for an efficient use of space and circulation.
  • The plan also offers a clear separation of public and staff spaces.
    • The staff spaces ‘Rings’ the outside of the central public zone.
  • The central entry offers the banks patrons an unobstructed view to the ‘Vault’ – the place where the patrons think of security as related to their finances.
  • Circulation for both staff and public is rationalized with more generous clearances and enhanced security.
  • Staff “eyes” for public surveillance enhanced with row of staff offices overlooking lobby and “staff only” area.
  • The parking lot offers easy access to the bank entrance from a single location.

And here’s how Dan Mossien recalls the experience of working on this project: