By Daniel Mossien
South West facade facing Keuka Outlet.

Birkett Landing, South West facade facing Keuka Outlet.

Today I attended the 4th Annual Reshaping Rochester Awards at the invitation of Chris Iversen of Iversen Construction and Chrisanntha, Inc.  Chris and companies redeveloped the Birkett Mills on the Keuka Lake outlet in Penn Yan, NY (

The old vacant mill plants had been empty for many years.  We assisted Chris in a historic rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of the three mill buildings into spectacular upper end apartments known as Birkett Landing apartments.  Visit the website for more details.

There were three different awards and runners up; the Betty Strasenburgh Award for Activism, the Robert Macon Award for Urban Innovation and the Directors’ Award.  Chris received the runner up for the Robert Macon Award.  The late Bob Macon was a good friend of mine and an admirable architect.  I took over his position as President of the Rochester Chapter of the American Institute of Architects many years

Well, congratulations to Chris and crew for orchestrating a great project and we were proud to be on the team as the architects.  For an out of city developer and contractor to build in an out of city location and win a Reshaping Rochester award is noteworthy.  My firm and Chris also won the coveted Barber Conable Award from the Landmark Society of Western New York (and a few state awards) for our work at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY.

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