What is a Bosslift?

BossLift is an excellent way to demonstrate the critical role of the National Guard and Reserve our nation’s defense.

Watch the video below:

Bosslift transports employers and supervisors to military training sites where they observe National Guard and Reserve members on duty as part of the Total Force.

This provides the employer a better understanding of what their Reservists do when they are away from their civilian occupation for duty with their military units.

Employers see firsthand the type and quality of military training and leadership activities National Guard and Reserve members receive. The selected sites for Bosslift usually emphasize National Guard and Reserve training and, whenever possible, include multiple branches of the military.

ESGR Bosslift gives employers a great opportunity to provide input to Department of Defense leadership. It provides employers the opportunity to share their insights on the challenges and benefits of having employees that serve in the Reserve components.

Bosslift participants are asked about their concerns regarding their Reserve employees. Employers are encouraged to offer recommendations and ideas for improving the employer/employee relationship with respect to the consequences of military service.

Lastly, employers are asked about their overall assessment of employer support programs and services. In addition to open discussion, their completed questionnaires are compiled in