It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of a great friend passing away on November 11th, G. William LaDue.  Bill referred to himself as “The World’s Greatest Architect.”  He was along with my friend Carlton “Bud” DeWolff, my two idols.  I think my favorite project of Bill’s was the Paychex headquarters.  Bill and I travelled around the country to American Institute of Architects (AIA) conferences and conventions.  He and I were the only presidents of the Rochester Chapter AIA to serve two different terms each.

With Bill as my VP the Rochester chapter won the top national award for the highest growth of a chapter in the country.  Los Angeles was second with less new members than little Rochester!  We became known as the “Kick Ass Chapter” in New York State.


Architect Bill Ladue and wife Margie

Architect Bill LaDue and his wife, Margie at Dan Mossien’s 60th Birthday Party

Bill came to our office every two weeks for “lunch and learns” where we gained continuing education seminars required to keep our registrations current.  Bill was an admired man by all of our staff.  We had a mailbox for him amongst our own for his certificates of completion of which there is still one in it.  That certificate and his labeled mailbox will be there forever after.  Rest in peace our World’s Greatest Architect.